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Gareth Johns


Managing Director at Business Computer Solutions, Business Computer Solutions Ltd

Gareth Johns
Managing Director, Business Computer Solutions Ltd

Gareth Johns is a successful, goal-oriented entrepreneur; a statement which means a lot to him. He spent the first 25 years of his self-employed life without fully realising that people running businesses are not all entrepreneurs. Some are just technicians in their industry who happen to have employed a few people along the way.

Keeping him busy, in addition to his 2,300 endpoint, 25 employee MSP role, Gareth is an active member of the Kent SBSC group and an Enterprise Advisor working with schools in Kent.

Joining HTG in 2015 provided Gareth with a new passion to grow his business by working smarter rather than harder (yep, it can be done). Now, with an amazing leadership culture in place, Gareth spends on average no more than two days per week in the office, devoting the rest of his time to personal development and long touring holidays in the motorhome.

Gareth is married to Samantha and they have a grown-up 21 year old daughter who doesn’t yet know what she wants to be when she…grows up!